SOAR - Press Quotes & Reviews

" exquisite album"

5* Robin Denselow, SONGLINES

"They are now one of the most popular world music acts of this decade."

Tim Cumming, SONGLINES

“Sublimely beautiful”

Mark Radcliffe, BBC RADIO 2


"Soar is a heartbreakingly beautiful duet by virtuoso players based in nations a continent apart on instruments that look completely different yet sound uncannily similar"

Derek Rath, AFROPOP

"...their playing takes to the air and scales the thermals of mutual improvisation and melodic invention"

Tim Cumming, SONGLINES

"Throughout the Welsh nation and the Republic of Senegal, Catrin and Seckou broadcast a strong and vibrant message of unity and brother-and-sisterly love, coupled with proud and defiant independence, through Soar. This is a stunning, inspiring album" 


"Like the migratory habits of birds, it seems magical, and for many listeners, that’s exactly what it is."

Tim Cumming, Songlines 

" musical empathy on a delicate and often exquisite set"

Robin Denselow, THE GUARDIAN



"Hypnotic and ethereal, 

SOAR is a unique marriage of cultures"

4* Neil Spencer, THE OBSERVER



“the intricate textures of these two harps — and occasionally Seckou’s vocals — meld and flow”


"This ingenious duo have let fly with their second set and released a remarkable album of such texture and prowess that at points its scope, concentrated into the workings of two masters of their instruments, takes the breath away. The pacing, structure, packaging and context, including inspired liner notes from Andy Morgan, is all impeccable and it all combines to result in a truly inspired, beautifully conceived project.

Glenn Kimpton, FOLK RADIO UK 


"Manding sway and shining harp arpeggios"

4* David Honigmann, FINANCIAL TIMES


“the communication has reached a point of seamlessness. It’s hard to tell where the harp ends and the kora begins.. one flowing musical conversation”

5*Jamie Renton, fROOTS